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About Weed Man Canada Lawn Care Services

Founders Des and Brenda Rice started Weed Man in 1970 with a simple philosophy. "Provide unrivaled customer service using the best products and equipment". This philosophy has grown Weed Man into a franchise network of more than 400 locally owned and operated businesses that provide Professional lawn care services across Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom.

After 40 plus years, new generations of Weed Man Professionals are emerging with a built in commitment to continue providing unrivaled service. We would love the opportunity to care for your lawn. When you're ready for us, we'll be there! Please contact us today for a Free Healthy Lawn Analysis.

Fertilizer Program

  • Weed Man's high quality fertilization program is the foundation of all of our programs.
  • Our exclusive slow release fertilizer blends ensure that your lawn receives the proper amount of nutrition at the proper times throughout the season.

Weed Control

  • Weed Man Professionals always use the latest most effective weed control products, applied using the most current technology.
  • Weed Man's professional application equipment is calibrated to deliver the proper amount of product to have the maximum effect on unwanted weeds.

Insect Control

  • Turf damaging insects like chinch bugs or grubs can devastate your yard
  • If your lawn has rapidly developing brown patches that don't seem to be responding to watering, please call (or click here) your local Weed Man today for a Free Healthy Lawn Analysis.

Mechanical Core Aeration

  • Mechanical Core Aeration allows for a more efficient delivery of the inherent benefits of water, fertilizer and grass seed (if introduced at the same time), with the end result rejuvenating your lawn.

Over Seeding

  • Addition of endophyte-enhanced (increased insect & drought resistance) grass seed to help thicken existing lawn

Other services such as compost, liming and moss control may also be available at your local Weed Man location.

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