Unrivalled lawn care service. Better products. Real results.

With 45+ years in the lawn care business and 400 locally owned franchises across the globe, you could say we know a thing or two about superior lawn care. And although practices have evolved, our philosophy has stayed the same - to provide unrivalled customer service using the best products and equipment.


Weed Control

Weed out the weeds, with the latest products and technology, calibrated for maximum effectiveness.


fertilizer spread on lawn

Fertilizer Program

Feeding your turf with our exclusive slow-release formula ensures proper nutrition and root development.


white grub lawn damage

Insect Control

Outsmart pests by identifying them and stopping a potentially devastating infestation before it happens.


grass seed falling from persons hand


Protect your turf with our insect and disease-resistance-boosting seed for a healthier, fuller, and more resilient lawn.


mechanical aeration

Mechanical Core Aeration

Re-oxygenate your lawn for efficient delivery of water, nutrients, grass seed, and fertilizer.


Your lawn has a new best friend. Our local experts.

Our locally owned and operated lawn care locations know your community and its conditions. We work hard to understand your lawn, and give you trustworthy advice and service, in a language you can understand. We’re proud of our commitment to your lawn, your community and the lawn care industry by providing:


Ongoing research & development for effective, environmentally friendly solutions.

Superior advice about regional practices, seed selection, disease and pest identification.

Continuous training for Weed Man staff to support our customers.

And, advocacy for regulated lawn care practices within your community.

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