Fall Tune Up Program

Get your lawn ready with this seasonal specialty program.

Fall Tune Up Program

  • 1 Fall Mechanical Core Aeration
  • 1 Granular Fertilizer Application
  • 2 Fiesta Weed Control

Included Services

  • Fall Mechanical Core Aeration

    Our Mechanical Core Aeration service removes soil from your lawn to promote more efficient delivery of water, fertilizer and grass seed. This service relieves soil compaction and allows root penetration for lawn rejuvenation.

  • Granular Fertilizer Application

    Our Granular Fertilizer service uses slow release technology which ensures your lawn is supplied with essential nutrients that help promote optimum growth. 

  • Fiesta Weed Control

    Our Weed Control service utilizes an iron-based product that meets with newer more stringent provincial regulations. Affected weeds turn black, allowing for healthy grass to crowd them out over time.

How It Works

Your lawn is a complex plant system and with any service, results can take time. So while no one can give you instant gratification, we give you instant dedication. Here’s what you can expect as a valued customer of Weed Man.

Get in touch and we will get our staff to provide you with a FREE Lawn Care Estimate for your property.  


Keep up the good work with regular lawn maintenance. It's normal to experience dry or bare patches, it means that the weed control is working.


Sit back, relax and we'll take care of everything but the mowing and watering. If there are any concerns do not hesitate to contact us, we're here to help and ensure your happy


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