Amend your soil with LIME

Submitted on January 9, 2018

Lime is something that is very often overlooked when it comes to lawn care. Sometimes, instead of extra fertilizer all that is really needed is lime. When soils become too acidic many nutrients that are in the soil will not be in a form that the plants can use.

The causes of acidic soils are many and varied, but certain regions of Canada seem to be more prone to acidic soil conditions. Conifers that shed needles can certainly contribute to acidity in your soil. If you have moss growing in your lawn, this can certainly be a sign of soil acidity.

  • For homeowners living in parts of British Columbia, moss is significantly widespread and will not be managed by lime alone. If you live in this region and/or you have widespread moss issues, contact your local Weed Man for moss management options.

Adding lime to your lawn or gardens can help plants reap all the benefits of a healthy soil by making nutrients more readily available to your plants. Adding lime can help correct a low pH (acidic) level by raising it to a “neutral” level (usually 6.5-7). Liming helps ensure existing nutrients in the soil are unlocked and are readily available for plant uptake. Neutral soil pH is also the preferred soil pH for most plants and grasses, meaning they grow best at this range. Liming also helps soil microbes and worms to thrive, fostering a truly thriving, living, fertile soil environment, rather than a stagnant, “dead” soil.

Lime is also an important source of calcium for plants. Just as humans need calcium for healthy teeth and bones, plants need calcium for healthy growth. In addition to all of this, liming helps fertilizer to be more effective. Liming can certainly play an important role in safeguarding your lawn this fall. There are various lime products available at local retailers. Some can be quite dusty. Although usually more expensive, “pelletized” lime is typically the easiest to apply.   Lime can be applied any time of year. Depending on where you live in Canada, now may or may not be the optimal time to apply lime.

Please contact your local Weed Man professional with any questions, or discuss this further.  


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