The Best Outdoor Plants for Canadian Winters

Submitted on November 22, 2018

Everyone knows that trying to keep your landscape looking its best during our cold Canadian winters can be a struggle. Without a wide variety of colourful flowers (and with the occasional blanket of snow), plant life is certainly not as vibrant. However, there are a few plants that are able to survive the harsh winters and can be used to create beautiful wintery landscapes. Read on below!


1.    Blue Spruce Trees

While these trees grow quite large, you can start them off in small containers to put on your front porch or step. Once they grow larger you can transplant them to your yard. When the holidays roll around, these trees look incredible with a string of outdoor lights!



2.    Holly Bushes

Holly bushes are a traditional holiday plant that can add a splash of seasonal colour to your otherwise lifeless yard. The red berries tend to be the star, however, the plant also displays dark green leaves at different times of the season.



3.    Winter Boxwood

Boxwood plants are evergreen shrubs that have the ability to survive a frosty winter. One of the best things about this plant is its ability to be shaped. They can be made into square hedges, circular bushes or any other shape you like!


4.    Cotoneaster

Also known for their red berries, Cotoneaster is another leafy evergreen plant that is able to survive the frigid winters. It is a fast-grower and works great as a shrub, bush or groundcover.



5.    Red Twig Dogwood

This plant’s vibrant red stems show up nicely against the white snow. Red twig dogwood is able to tolerate extreme cold temperatures and can make the perfect addition to your home landscape.  



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