Chinch Bugs

Submitted on July 22, 2019

What are Chinch Bugs?

Chinch bugs are tiny insects that live in lawn grasses above the soil, feeding on our lawns by sucking out the vital juices of the grass plant. If a homeowner ignores the problem or mistakes it for drought, yellow patches in your lawn will continue to grow. Chinch bugs can cause extensive damage if action is not taken.


Signs of Chinch Bugs:

  • Dry or yellow patches
  • Damage on sunny hillsides
  • Scurrying insects in grass


Chinch Bug Damage:



What You Need to Do:

Keep an eye out for signs of chinch. If you suspect you may have chinch, please contact us immediately. 

Please note:

The rules and products for chinch treatment are different in each province. 

  • PEI rules require that we must first obtain a permit from the municipality before we can treat for chinch and that permit form must be signed by the homeowner. PEI
  • In NB, for more serious chinch bug infestations, a provincial permit may be required: New Brunswick  
  • For NS residents, click here for more information: Nova Scotia

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