To DIY Or Not? Know When To Call The Lawn Pros

Submitted on June 15, 2017

Spring brings your lawn out of slumber, but with that comes some much-needed yard maintenance. After being dormant all winter, lawns need a fair bit of tidying up to grow healthily during the warmer months. Many chores you can take care of yourself, however some things are best left to the professionals.

“Once all the snow is gone and your lawn is dry, that’s when you should give it a good raking,” advises John Ladds, operations manager at Weed Man Canada. “This means not only getting rid of dead leaves and branches, but thoroughly raking to improve air circulation as well as soil activity resulting in root growth.”

Along with proper mowing, fertilizing and watering techniques, these DIY tasks are all important. When conducted on a regular basis, they are an easy and inexpensive way for you to contribute positively to your lawn’s health and sustainability.  

For the best chance at a full and lush lawn, a call to the professionals can make all the difference. Depending on your lawn’s needs, professional services such as mechanical core aeration, targeted over-seeding, and fertilization can make a tremendous impact over the course of a year. Experts agree that these treatments help improve your lawn’s access to oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a healthier, greener lawn for the entire season. 

While do-it-yourself methods are great for many aspects of lawn care, many of us lack the knowledge, tools and time required to go the extra mile. Turning to the pros can offer significant value and be well worth the investment in the long run.

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