The "F" Word

Submitted on August 12, 2015

That dreaded 4-letter word… the nasty "F" word that nobody wants to hear or think about this summer... FALL! Believe it or not, the fall season is right around the corner and you should be thinking about your lawn requirements because it’s one of the most important times of the season for your lawn for many reasons.

  • Repair Summer Stress - In many parts of Canada, the extreme heat of the summer took its toll on home lawns; particularly in areas with watering restrictions. Foot traffic from other summer activities such as BBQ’s and other social functions can also set the lawn back somewhat. As cooler weather patterns set in, conditions become ideal for lawn replenishment services such as over seeding and aerating. As opposed to the early spring when soil temperatures are slowly warming up (and very often too cool for maximum seed germination), the early fall typically has ideal soil temperatures; which is important particularly for lawns that suffered from summer diseases, insects and/or drought. It’s also important to remember that competition from weeds is typically much lower in the fall than the spring; making the most of any lawn replenishment services that are done.
  • Changing Conditions - As the fall approaches, weather patterns begin to change. In the early fall daytime temperatures can still feel very summer-like; until the evening sets in sooner due to decreased sunlight hours and temperatures are typically much cooler. Sometimes your lawn can develop disease symptoms during this time of change. Contact your local Weed Man to diagnose and strange discolourations that may develop.
  • Mowing & Watering - As fall sets in, you will likely need to increase your mowing frequency again. Why? Because as the weather cools down (and hopefully moisture returns), your grass will begin to grow faster like it did in the spring. Again, it’s important to remember the ⅓ rule; which is “mow your grass often enough to remove only the top ⅓ of the grass blade”. It’s also an ideal time of the season to sharpen your mower blade! After the summer stress and damage to your lawn, sharpening your blade will ensure that your grass blades are cut cleanly rather tearing/ripping and fraying the tips with a dull blade. Too many people just sharpen their mower blades once in the spring. This is not enough. Your mower blade will be dull by late summer. Torn blades will not only give the lawn an unhealthy appearance; but they can also exacerbate any disease issues that may be plaguing your lawn. Hopefully you decreased or even suspended your mowing during extreme summer heat when the growth of your lawn probably stopped. Watering requirements should decrease as fall hopefully brings more rainfall into the mix. If you have an automatic watering system without rain sensors, please adjust it according to your local weather conditions.
  • Fertility - A sound fertility regime for your lawn is the most important aspect of any lawn care program. As such Weed Man’s fertilization services form the foundation of all of our lawn care programs. The fall is probably the most important time for a lawn to be fertilized. Why? Because your lawn needs to be able to build up sufficient reserves in its root system heading into the winter months so it can emerge green and healthy next spring. For those of you on full program with Weed Man, rest assured your lawn’s fertility requirements are well covered heading into the fall.  If you have not yet made arrangements for fall fertilization for your lawn, Contact your local Weed Man today!

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