Got Dandelions?

Submitted on May 22, 2014

Got Dandelions? With Mother’s Day recently behind us, how many Moms out there received a beautiful bouquet of dandelions from their kids? As an adult and homeowner, especially one who wants to keep their lawn green and weed free, dandelions don’t mean what they used to. The cold/late spring weather we’ve experienced in many parts of the country has set the stage for an explosion of dandelions in home lawns. Typically, that sea of yellow flowers explodes onto municipal parks, school grounds and boulevards. The reason these areas are typically worse in terms of the quantity of dandelions is the thin/weak grass in these areas provides little to no competition for these opportunistic plants. The challenge this year in many parts of Canada is the winter damage caused by salt/sand and heavy snow cover had little time to repair itself because the weather went from cold/wet to a brief warm day or two. These brief warm spurts were enough to set the stage for an invasion of germinating dandelions in places where you may not be used to seeing them on your property. How can homeowners get the upper hand on dandelions before they spread and take over a lawn? Dandelions are actually controlled easily by Weed Man’s Weed Control Service. As you may have guessed we didn’t get this name for nothing! When Des & Brenda Rice started Weed Man back in 1970, controlling weeds was the main focus of the business. Another important step is to maintain a thick, healthy lawn. As we mentioned earlier, a thin lawn is susceptible to dandelions and other weeds. Keeping your lawn thick and full through regular fertilization and watering, and cutting your lawn at a higher level will literally choke the dandelions out. How to Keep Dandelions Out of Your Lawn

  • Maintain a thick, lush lawn – it will choke out dandelions from sprouting up.
    • Consider adding Aeration & Over Seeding to your program to help rejuvenate thin/weak areas that are more vulnerable to weed infestations
  • Use a permitted broadleaf herbicide where and when necessary to control weed imbalances in your lawn.
  • If you have a small number of dandelions, they can be removed by hand. Remember to get at least 4 to 6 inches of the weed’s root.

For more helpful information on controlling dandelions in your lawn please contact your local Weed Man at or request a Free Healthy Lawn Analysis online.


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