Got Dandelions? Keep Calm...

Submitted on May 23, 2018

Every year, within the first few days of warm weather, that inevitable explosion of dandelions sends many homeowners into a panic.

Typically that sea of yellow flowers explodes on municipal parks, school grounds and boulevards. These areas often have more dandelions because the grass is thin or weak.

Late spring cold weather in some areas may have slowed down lawn growth and allowed the dandelions a head start. Many homeowner lawns may be more weed-infested than normal.

Now that the weather is finally warming up to seasonal levels, the grass will start growing again.

Although the number of dandelions can be discouraging, it important to remember that in the long run healthy lawns will always persevere over weeds. At this point, the grass just needs some time to catch up. So don’t panic! Instead consider implementing this list of things to ensure the health and longevity of your lawn:

  • Start a Lawn Care Program. If you haven’t done so already, contact your local Weed Man to set up a comprehensive lawn care program for the season!
  • Feed Your Lawn. Whether hiring a professional like Weed Man or doing it yourself, make sure you have a sound fertility regime planned for your lawn. Without proper nutrition, your lawn doesn’t stand a chance against weeds, insects and disease invasions that present themselves every year.
  • Apply Weed Control. In some areas of Canada, it is just now warm enough for weed control treatments to be effective. If you are a current Weed Man customer, rest assured that first Weed Control application(s) will dramatically help your grass out-compete weeds by controlling actively growing plants. Once the weeds are controlled by the treatment, a well-fertilized and vibrant lawn will fill in those areas where weeds were flourishing.

Note: Timing of Weed Control and all other services varies region by region.

  • Aerate & Overseed. Along with rising air temperatures, the soil also becomes warmer, making it an ideal time to plant grass seed. Many lawns need replenishment at this time of year to fill in bare/sparse areas where, even with a balanced program of fertility and weed control, the weeds are still able to out-compete desirable grasses. Aeration followed by overseeding will help to fill in these thin areas so they can better crowd out weeds.
  • Mow Often. As air and soil temperatures warm up and grass begins to grow vigorously, you and your lawn mower have a perfect opportunity to make the most of the situation! During cool/moderate times of active growth like now the more often you mow properly (at the right height, with a sharp blade, mulching your clippings, alternating directions and removing no more than of the grass blade), the thicker and lusher your lawn will become. This will create a winning scenario for the perpetual battle against weeds, diseases and insects. Please note, “more often” probably means mowing more than you think you should (as much as 3 times/week). Try doing this; once you see the results of frequent mowing, you will always mow this way during active growth periods. It makes your lawn look stunning!

So there you have it! Don’t let the weeds you might be seeing in your yard get you down, because your healthy lawn is just getting revved up. And with the help and advice of your local Weed Man, those weeds don’t stand a chance!


(Source: Weed Man Canada blog, May 5, 2016, May 22, 2014)


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