Homeowner’s Guide to Spring Fertilization

Submitted on February 22, 2019

It’s hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner! With another lawn care season quickly approaching, now is the time to get organized. Every homeowner knows that it is common practice to fertilize your lawn in the spring, but you might be wondering how, when and why it is important. Weed Man is here to shed light on this beneficial practice.

Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn in the Spring

Fertilization is a key component to maintaining a lush, green and healthy lawn. A well-fertilized lawn is better at preventing weed infestation, has a stronger root system and is more resistant against drought and disease. Your lawn needs fertilizer just as much as it needs sun and water. Fertilizer acts as food and has essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium.

  • Phosphorus is made up of nucleoproteins, which are needed for cell division and the growth of new plant tissue. Thus, phosphorus is very important for establishing new grass.

  • Nitrogen is a component of protein, which is essential for all plant growth.

  • Potassium helps increase winter hardiness, disease and drought resistance in plants.

How to Select Your Fertilizer

When selecting what fertilizer to purchase, you should look for 3 numbers on the front of the bag. For instance, 25-4-9. These numbers represent the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (in that order) in the fertilizer. This is important because different blends of fertilizer will work best in different situations. For instance, a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus will help a newly seeded lawn develop, while a fertilizer higher in nitrogen is best to promote the growth of an already established lawn.

Not only is it important to know the ratios of the fertilizer, but you should also check if it is fast or slow- release nitrogen. While fast-release nitrogen is available to the plant immediately, slow release nitrogen is made available to the plant as the plant needs it over an 8-10-week period. Since the fertilizer is used gradually very little is wasted and there is a lower chance of burning your lawn.

Weed Man uses a unique, granular patented fertilizer that is specially formulated for home lawns. Our fertilizer contains a smaller percentage of fast-release fertilizer that is immediately available to the plant and larger quantities of slow-release nitrogen that will continually feed your lawn over time.

When to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Spring

The purpose of fertilizer is to help your grass grow healthy and resilient – the key word here being GROW. The mistake that many homeowners make is that they fertilize their lawn before the grass has even started to grow again. If your lawn is not physiologically ready to use the nutrients it receives, the fertilizer will not be as effective, and even worse – may even promote the growth of weeds. Waiting until temperatures are consistently at a minimum of 12 degrees Celsius is recommended. While the exact time of year for spring fertilization may vary based on weather patterns, April is typically a good month to plan for spring fertilization in most parts of the country.


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