Lawn Care Resolution Checklist- Become a 2019 Turf Master

Submitted on January 9, 2019

Every new year we often make a long list of resolutions that we intend to stick to. Unfortunately, without a plan in place, many of those resolutions are never accomplished. Instead of failing and deciding to ‘try again next year,’ Weed Man has outlined a plan that will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution to achieve a more beautiful lawn & landscape.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Plan & design your dream landscape in advance

The winter is a great time to start working towards building your dream landscape. Do some research and decide what it is that you want. Whether you hope to redesign your garden, build a new deck or put down patio pavers, planning and consulting with a landscaper is crucial for making your dream become a reality.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Implement a sound watering and mowing regimen to keep your lawn healthy

One of the most crucial yet underestimated components to a beautiful and healthy lawn is a sound watering and mowing regimen. While this piece is so important, it is also one of the most common chores that homeowners slack off on. We get busy, we forget and for the most part, we just do not want to do it! Lawn chores aren’t fun, but they are well worth it if you want a beautiful lawn. Consider installing an irrigation system and hiring a company to mow your lawn if you know that you won’t hold yourself accountable!

New Year’s Resolution #3: Hire a professional lawn care company to manage weeds, pests, and fertilization

Some of the most tedious and time-consuming components of lawn care include: managing stubborn weeds, fertilizing, and mitigating the risk and damage caused by insects and pests. Doing this effectively requires patience, extensive knowledge and an array of products. If you think you can handle watering and mowing, but you aren’t quite ready to study agronomics, you might want to consider outsourcing these duties to a trusted professional.

New Year’s Resolution #4: Stay on top of problems as they arise

It’s inevitable that some problems may arise during the season. Whether your lawn becomes affected by a fungal disease, infested with grubs or suffers from drought damage. Keep an eye on your lawn throughout the season so that you can quickly identify when something has gone awry. Contact your lawn care company immediately if you have a concern to lessen the risk of extensive damage.

New Year’s Resolution #5: Set aside time from your busy schedule to enjoy your lawn and landscape

What is the point in having a beautiful lawn and landscape if you don’t take time to enjoy it? This resolution is important. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday stressors from work and family matters that we forget to take a moment to relax, breathe and enjoy. Let your newly designed landscape act as a sanctuary!


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