“Lawn” knows all about Hard Work…

Submitted on August 17, 2016

lthough it has been a very hot and dry summer in some parts of the country, it seems as if the summer has gone by very quickly. Despite these hot conditions your lawn has been continuously hard at work. In the parts of the country where lawns have not received enough rain, your lawn has most likely gone dormant, trying to maintain moisture in the crown of the grass plant to stay alive. Don’t worry your lawn is ready to flourish when rain arrives again. In the provinces that have received adequate precipitation, or enough supplemental watering, your lawn has been hard at work in several other ways. First off, lawn, when actively growing, is filled with chlorophyll and is producing oxygen. It is understood that enough oxygen will be produced to supply a family of four each year from 250m2 of lawn. While it is producing oxygen, lawn is cleaning the air from polluting gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. During this process, carbon is being sequestered in the plant. Many other gases are taken in as well during these processes. Secondly, a healthy actively growing lawn will make the surroundings cooler. This is very evident if you have ever walked on lawn with bare feet and then have to run onto the driveway, sidewalk or sandy beach. You will quickly run back to the grass to cool down your feet. The temperature difference is considerable as lawn works hard cooling the environment. The third area that lawn is working hard at, when actively growing, is cleaning the air. Tonnes of dust particles are trapped in the grass leaves. These particles eventually are incorporated into the soil with watering and rainfall. As lawn is cleaning the air, it is doing its fourth job cleaning water. With rain, atmospheric pollutants are trapped and brought down. The lawn then absorbs the water, trapping the pollutants in the plant tissue. With water shortages, particularly in the southern states, this benefit of turf grass has been used for several years as grey and effluent water is used to irrigate many golf courses. Lastly, lawn is great at erosion control. With actively growing grass, the lawn will slow down any traveling rain water and allow the water to infiltrate into the ground. If the land was bare, soil would travel with heavy rainfalls. If you have and questions on how you can keep lawn working for you, feel free to contact your local Weed Man lawn care professionals.  Weed Man is your lawn’s best friend.


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