Mid Summer Inspection: an annual check up for your lawn

Submitted on July 27, 2018

We provide a Mid Summer Inspection for all of our customers.  This is our opportunity to do an “annual check up” on the health of the lawn and diagnose any possible issues.  One of our technicians will visit the lawn of each Weed Man customer in late July or August and do a thorough inspection of the entire property.  We give our customers recommendations on what is needed to keep the lawn healthy, or if it is having some issues, how to “nurse” it back to health. 

 Some of the common issues we look for:

  1. The dreaded chinch bug, which does its worst damage in the summer months when it is in its third instar stage of life cycle (the babies are the worst);
  2. Signs of heavy thatch and compaction, which aeration can help alleviate;
  3. Signs of poor soil health, including low pH soil.  Grass struggles in low pH soil while weeds like dandelion and hawkweed flourish in those conditions.  Liming helps bring the pH of the soil up to proper levels;
  4. Ensuring there is a proper nutrition/fertility plan for the lawn;
  5. Good mowing practices. Making sure your mower blade is sharp and you are cutting at least 6-8cm high goes a long way to keeping your lawn healthy;
  6. Is the lawn getting adequate moisture;
  7. How weedy is the lawn and what needs to be done to control any weeds present; and
  8. Other signs of overall lawn health, like evidence of damage or thin turf.

Once our technician has completed the MSI, we discuss the results and our recommendations with you either at your property or on the phone. As always, if you notice something that doesn’t look right, just call or email us and we’ll make sure we check things out.

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