SKID-A-MA-RINK! Canada’s Favourite Icy Pastime

Submitted on January 20, 2017

                                   SKID-A-MA-RINK! Canada’s Favourite Icy Pastime

                                                   Creating Your Own Outdoor Rink


When wintry weather hits, it’s often everyone’s first instinct to stay indoors and out of the cold. But for those of us willing to brave the ice and snow, there’s plenty of frosty fun to be had!

Whether it’s for playing that good ol’ hockey game, or for some fanciful figure skating. one popular Canadian trend has been to create ice-skating rinks in your own backyard!

 Your lawn can easily become a winter wonderland and a fun way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Here are our tips & tricks for making sure your rink is ready for action & good solid fun.

A basic ice rink consists of 3 main components, so to build your rink you will need:

  • Boards (height & thickness are up to you & what you are using your rink for)
  • Bracing (triangular brackets give the best structural support)
  • Liner/Tarp (make sure your initial ‘fill’ is done in one session to prevent tears)

Detailed instructions can be found here.


IMPORTANT: Check the slope of your backyard so that you can make sure your rink is level. Even if your lawn appears to be flat, uneven ground can make for a dangerous surface with exposed liner on the shallow side, and ice that isn’t fully frozen on the other. Safety first!


  • Choose the right materials. Wood or PVC are the most popular choices for a good solid foundation that will stand up to the ice and snow through different weather conditions.


  • Don’t forget to measure, and then measure again! Most hardware/building supply stores will accept returns of unused materials and you don’t want to be caught short.


  • Opt for a tarp or liner that is white or lighter in colour, this will keep your playing field ideally icy as it will deflect the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them and causing areas of melt.


  • Proper maintenance is MANDATORY! Be vigilant about rink maintenance! It’s best to clear snow as soon as it falls, as changes in temperature will cause the snow to melt and re-freeze, changing the texture and surface of your rink, making it bumpy or unsafe. For the smoothest ride, let that shovel glide!


Following these basic rules will ensure a fun and safe winter for everyone in your household so that you can all enjoy the outdoors in all types of weather and winter conditions.

Our final tip? Enjoy a HOT, steaming mug of cocoa to warm back up once the icy fun is done!

Happy Skating!

Your local WeedMan


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