Started from the bottom...

Submitted on August 31, 2016

The days are getting shorter and your landscape is starting to get ready for winter. The tree leaves are recycling any nutrients from the leaves that they can store and utilize for next spring. You can see this happening while going on a drive and checking out all the fall colours. While this is happening your grass is working below the ground producing roots. This root production is a biannual event that increases in the spring and fall, while decreasing during the winter and summer months. Each spring the grass plant grows rapidly producing a lot of leaf growth. At the same time there is actually more growth going on below the surface in the grass roots. The root system of the grass plant has some similarities to an iceberg. It is commonly known that 90% of an iceberg is under water. Turf grass has a similar look with the grass leaves are relatively short in comparison to the roots. During the summer months rising soil temperatures, along with lack of moisture and sub-surface insect pressure, the roots start to recede. The rate of root production is dramatically reduced from the spring and the root system starts to shrink. Grass root reserves stored up from the spring are used up combating these summer stresses. As the summer comes to an end, grass plants start to regenerate their roots systems that were lost during the summer. Cooler weather and more moisture are very conducive to this root reproduction. This is also the best time to add new cultivars of grass to your lawn, as late summer/early fall has always been the best time to over-seed the lawn. This year this may be very important in the parts of the country that was under drought conditions. Also, make sure that those colourful leaves on your lawn are raked up as piles of leaves left on the grass will smother and kill the grass. With the establishment of more roots in the fall the grass is ready to go dormant for the winter. These roots store all the nutrients required by the grass for the turf to green up early in the spring as soon as the snow melts. At this point the spring regeneration of the grass roots starts over again. Contact your local Weed Man lawn care professionals with any questions you have regarding getting your lawn ready for winter. Remember, Weed Man is your lawn’s best friend.