Summer Lawn Disease Prevention Tips

Submitted on August 5, 2015

Although lawn disease can occur at any time, the summer always seems to be the worst time of year for turf disease challenges. Most disease issues in lawns are caused by environmental factors such as: high humidity, low light conditions, poor air circulation, compacted soils, radical temperature shifts, etc. Most of these factors are out of your control; However, there are a few things that you can do to make your lawn less vulnerable to summer turf disease:

  • Incorporate aeration into your annual lawn care program to reduce soil compaction and to encourage a steady flow of oxygen, water and nutrients to the grass plants. Aeration helps to establish strong healthy roots.
  • Prune low tree and shrub limbs to increase light and air circulation for grass plants below.
  • Water your lawn in the mornings only.
  • Mow high, with a sharp blade and when the grass is actively growing.

Summer brings quite a bit of stress to our turf plants. Our lawns will begin to struggle a little. Growth will be slower, colour may fade and your lawn my show signs of wear and tear as the grass plants are less capable of recovering from the stress of summer weather conditions and higher foot traffic.  Follow these summer lawn disease prevention tips so you can gently care for your lawn as the temperatures rises. Please contact your local Weed Man professionals for more information about summer lawn care tips.


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