Wrestling With Weeds: How To Come Out On Top

Submitted on May 11, 2017

Whether it’s a few sparse dandelions or a massive patch of crabgrass, weeds are not only unsightly — they can also negatively impact your lawn’s overall health and integrity.

“It can be tedious keeping them from your lawn entirely, but left unchecked, weeds can bring a host of other problems,” says John Ladds, operations manager at Weed Man Canada. “While it’s possible to keep on top of minor weed growth regularly, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in the pros for larger outbreaks.”

Experts say infestations occur when weeds are given the opportunity to flourish.  To prevent the presence of weeds, insects or pests in your lawn, think about “crowding out.” This means growing a thick, lush lawn as one of the best defenses against weeds. Crowding out also ensures there is little room for weeds because a rich and dense lawn offers less space for weeds to grow.

If managed properly, homeowners can crowd out weeds themselves. A disciplined lawn maintenance regimen, including proper mowing, watering and fertilization can strengthen vulnerable areas and encourage healthy grass to grow.

For the occasional weed flare-up, Ladds recommends using a weeding tool or pulling them out by hand. When weeding yourself, he recommends removing at least 10 to 15 cm of the root and disposing of all pulled material far from your lawn. If using a weeding tool, refill any holes with soil and grass seed to prevent more weeds from coming back.

Although most lawns will only require targeted spot-treatments, larger outbreaks may necessitate a blanket application. In the case of ceaseless or widespread encroachment, make sure to call the professionals. A trusted professional will work with you to develop a sustainable approach to crowd out weed invasions permanently. Some, like Weed Man Canada, offer a free consultation and will apply the best product available in accordance with all health and safety regulations.

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