Why Choose Weed Man Lawn Care?

With many years in business, you could say we know a thing or two about superior lawn care. And although practices have evolved, our philosophy has stayed the same - to provide unrivaled customer service using the best products and equipment. Our licensed professionals are expertly trained to understand your lawn, give you trustworthy lawn care advice and service, just like a best friend would.

Local Owner/ Operators, Treves and Kim Lucas, are ready to help you have a healthy, lush lawn!

We believe in treating each of our customers the way we'd like to be treated, as a friend and partner.  We are hands on and at it full time, working for you in the office and on the road.  We strive to keep you as a customer year after year by delivering great results and making your needs our priority

Top 10 Reasons our Customers are Happy with Weed Man:

  1. Let us do the work so you can enjoy your home and yard!
  2. Family owned and operated with a focus on customer satisfaction.
  3. Quality products, great results, and professionalism you can trust - operating for more than 30 years. 
  4. Friendly and easy to work with via web or phone or email.
  5. Unlimited free service calls.
  6. Free Weed touch-ups.
  7. Standard and Custom seasonal Lawn Care Programs are Affordable. Seasonal Prepay discounts and equal monthly payment options are available.
  8. Weed Man software for the office and technicians enables exceptional service by maintaining a history of all treatments, visits, and concerns.
  9. Professional and licensed technicians; Uniforms and Weed Man vehicles.
  10. Industry leaders with safe and registered products and applications.



Lawns are great but they Need Care and Attention - Call Weed Man to do the dirty work. 

Advantage of having Weed Man care for your lawn is that we deal with all of the hassle and concerns, so you have more time to enjoy your garden and do what matters most to you.

Our expert Lawn Technicians use the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time of the year.

  • Your lawn will look great
  • We save you time – leave treating your lawn up to us
  • We save you money – our treatments cost less than sourcing, buying and applying similar products yourself
  • We save you worry – worry that the products are being applied correctly or that they will work, plus the peace of mind of no longer having to buy and store lawn products.

Happy with your service? Refer a friend.

Any friend of yours is a friend of ours. Introduce us today.


Weed Man Hanover

Weed Man Hanover is owned and operated locally by a team of dedicated professionals who live and work in your community. Our programs have been developed to address concerns in our environment. We are committed to achieving the best results for your investment.

Owner / Operators Treves and Kim Lucas proudly serve many towns in South-West Ontario. They are committed to delivering great lawns and keeping customers satisfied.

Our Programs Always Include

  • Email Ahead Service
  • Free Weed Control Touch Ups
  • Online account management
  • Provincially Safe and Effective Products
  • Unlimited Service Calls

Conditions may apply click here for more details

Terms & conditions

*Free weed touch ups for prepaid full program customers

WEED MAN Hanover

Box 97
Hanover, ON
N4N 3C3


Monday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am-5:00 am
Wednesday: 9:00 am-5:00 am
Thursday: 9:00 am-5:00 am
Friday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Chesley, Clifford, Durham, Hanover, Kincardine, Mildmay, Paisley, Point Clark, Ripley, Teeswater, and all towns in between

Homeowner's Manual

Our Homeowner's Manual provides tips on how to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year.

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Unrivaled lawn care service. Better products. Real results.

Weed Man Hanover

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weed Hanover Lawn Care

As Canada’s longest standing lawn care provider, we have developed our local lawn care programs based on a thorough understanding of the specific pests, diseases, weather patterns that present challenges to growing a lush and healthy green lawn in Hanover and area.

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Granular Fertilizer

Our Granular Fertilizer service uses slow release technology which ensures your lawn is supplied with essential nutrients that help promote optimum growth. 

Seed and Feed

Our Seed and Feed service will help to thicken the bare/sparse areas in your yard as well as increase the fertility of your soil by adding valuable organic matter and micro-organisms to your soil. 

Root Builder Stimulator Service

Our Root Builder Stimulator service will help optimize the health of your lawn by delivering beneficial micro-nutrients to the root system; making your lawn better able to withstand environmental stresses caused by weather, disease and insects. 

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weed Hanover Weed Control

They’re pesky, stubborn and seem to multiply every year. Thankfully, with Weed Man, your never-ending battle with these outdoor enemies is about to get a whole lot easier. From traditional weed control products to newer more progressive tools, Weed Man professionals use the best, most effective weed control products. Our equipment is calibrated to apply the proper amount of product to eliminate weeds, and works best when combined with other services, and proper lawn care maintenance.

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Broadleaf Weed Control

Our Weed Control Service uses a contact product that will systemically control broadleaf weeds right down to the root once the plant fully absorbs the product.

Crabgrass Management Application

Our Crabgrass Management service is designed to help prevent the germination of crabgrass; which typically grows in hot sunny areas along driveway edges and pathways. This service is best implemented in early summer months to assist with prevention.

Hanover Lawn Care Promotions

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New Customers

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bugHanover Insect Control

Insects and pests can be quite irritating and wreak havoc on your lawn. From feeding off roots to sucking the juices out of grass, they’re often the first step in damage, and create a domino effect of lawn issues. From traditional pest control methods to organic- focused techniques, Weed Man gets these creepy crawlies under control for your healthiest lawn ever.

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Chinch Bug Management

Our Chinch Bug Management service helps to create an environment that  discourages chinch bugs and other surface insects from feeding as well as encouraging your lawn to flourish.

Grub Management

Our Grub Management service helps to create an environment that both discourages grubs from feeding as well as encouraging your lawn to flourish. 

Sub-surface Insect Control

Our Sub-surface Insect Control service utilizes a federally registered product that specifically targets grub larvae and other sub-surface pests to stop or prevent sub-surface insect damage. 

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