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Your lawn is a complex plant system and with any service, results can take time. So while no one can give you instant gratification, we give you instant dedication. Here’s what you can expect as a valued customer of Weed Man.

Get in touch and we'll send our expert technicians to provide a FREE lawn care quote

Give us the go ahead and set-up payment.

We'll Schedule your first application and let you know we're coming the day before (remember to request pre-notification if required for a locked gate ...).

Our technician will leave a service summary outlining what was provided and recommend tips to keep your lawn at its best.  We will advise you if any additional issues should be addressed.

Keep up the good work with regular lawn maintenance.  Mow high and water 1 inch per week during July and August.

Sit back, relax and we'll be in touch to notify you of your next service. If there are any concerns do not hesitate to contact us, we're here to help and ensure your happy

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