Why do I have mushrooms in my lawn?

The mushroom is an above ground fruiting or reproductive structure of a fungus. Most of the species of fungi that produce mushrooms feed on decaying organic matter in the soil. It is quite common to find mushrooms growing on lawns that have dead and buried stumps, roots, boards, excess thatch or other organic debris. They are also frequently present in areas of excessive moisture caused by poor drainage. Low lying areas where water collects are prime areas to find mushrooms.

Some mushrooms smell foul and some varieties are poisonous but for the most part they are undesirable on home lawns because of their unsightly appearance. It is important to note that mushrooms do not cause any damage to the turf itself.

What can I do about mushrooms growing in my lawn?

Control of mushrooms can be achieved by doing the following:

If possible dig up and remove any rotting stumps, roots or other organic debris that may be causing the mushrooms to appear. For areas where thatch or drainage is the issue, lawn aeration would help to relieve thatch and compaction, and improve water absorption to the root zone.

Remove mushrooms by hand, with your lawn mower or stiff rake as they appear in the lawn. Mushrooms will disappear naturally only when the food in the lawn becomes exhausted. This process can take a lengthy time if it is not possible to remove the source of the organic matter.

If you have any further questions regarding mushrooms in your lawn, feel free to contact your local Weed Man Professional.