Lawn Mowing Tips

Your lawn should be 6 to 8 cm long (about the length of your pinky finger) and cut frequently to maintain this length. During the hot summer, mowing your lawn may only be necessary once every two weeks. Don’t shock your lawn, never remove more than ⅓ of the blade at a time.

For your healthiest lawn, lawn mower blades should be kept razor sharp. A dull blade chews and frays the grass blades, and the rough tips expose the grass to possible turf disease attack. Ideally, have the blade sharpened in the spring before mowing season and then again half way through the summer.

Recently buy new mower? As a safety feature, new mower blades are not sold razor sharp. So, be sure to sharpen the blade of a brand new lawnmower.

Grass clippings should be left on the lawn after mowing (a practice called “grass cycling.”) Doing this adds valuable nutrients back into the soil. It’s only necessary to remove lawn clippings if they are long and will smother the grass.