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from Weed Man.

We’re projecting massive growth this year


Just like our own health, healthy lawns begin with good nutrition. A well-fertilized lawn will better overcome insects, weed infestations and disease development.  A proper fertilization program from us is your first line of defense, because it provides a lawn with these 3 essential nutrients for optimum growth:

Nitrogen - Required in the largest amounts. After all, it's what makes grass grow! It also promotes deeper roots and improves resistance to disease, cold, heat and drought. Nitrogen deficiencies can cause grass plants to turn light green or yellow, and appear very sickly.

Phosphorus - Most soils have plenty of phosphorus in them. Phosphorus aids in root growth, and even helps plants transfer and use energy. Research has shown that established grass plants need little to no extra phosphorus. So Weed Man's exclusive high quality slow-release lawn maintenance fertilizer blends are phosphorus-free. 

Potassium - Lawns need the second highest amount of this nutrient. It’s responsible for stress tolerance in a lawn, helping it resist disease and overcome drought. Keeping potassium levels in check can also help your lawn better withstand foot traffic. Lawns suffering from a potassium deficiency often turn a blotchy green and yellow colour as they digress.

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

The best time to fertilize a lawn is when it's actively growing. Weed Man offers different lawn fertilization services, depending on your lawn needs.

Slow Release Fertilizer

Depending on the blend, lawns can be fertilized 2-4 times/season.  Your local Weed Man can provide specifics on your lawn’s requirements.

When soils are nutrient deficient, services such as composting can add micronutrients, helping grass better absorb the 3 essential nutrients delivered from your fertility program. After visually inspecting your lawn, a Weed Man Professional can help determine the best fertility program and outline your soil enrichment needs if required.


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