Insect Control
from Weed Man.

It’s like an eviction notice for pests.


Insects and pests can be quite irritating and wreak havoc on your lawn. From feeding off roots to sucking the juices out of grass, they’re often the first step in damage, and create a domino effect of lawn issues. From traditional pest control methods to organic-focused techniques, Weed Man gets these creepy crawlies under control for your healthiest lawn ever.

If you notice suspicious brown patches starting to appear on your lawn DO NOT HESITATE! Your best defence against any infestation is to catch it early. Book your free lawn care quote online right away. Weed Man will assess your lawn and verify the presence of a potentially damaging infestation; discuss preventative measures and recommend treatment if required.

To learn more about who these pests are and what they’re doing to your lawn, contact your Local Weed Man dealer.


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