Mechanical Core Aeration
from Weed Man.

A story full of holes with a happy ending.


It might have a fancy name, but Mechanical Core Aeration is simple, and can make a huge difference in the health of your lawn. This process removes soil cores and thatching from your lawn, leaving little holes in it for water, grass seed and fertilizer to enter.  This literally re-oxygenates the sub-surface of your lawn, and breathes new life into its entire plant system.

The benefits of yearly lawn aeration include:

  • Loosening compacted soil. Compacted soils make it difficult for roots to grow and limits the movement of air, moisture and fertilizer through the soil.
  • Improving your water requirements. By relieving soil compaction, water penetration is increased and water runoff is reduced.
  • Yard aeration will help punch through the layer of thatch - the living and dead plant parts which restricts root development and harbours diseases and insects
  • Grass aeration will enhance the development of a deep root system.




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