Realistic Results Take Time.

Your lawn is a complex plant system and with any service, results can take time. So while no one can give you instant gratification, we give you instant dedication

When choosing a lawn care service provider, beware of those that promise instant results. Your lawn is a living, breathing oxygen-producing plant system that needs to be properly nurtured to thrive. Depending on the starting condition of your lawn, it could take a few seasons of dedicated care to turn things around.

At Weed Man Canada we refer to our relationship with our customers as a partnership:

It’s a Partnership

You the Homeowner…

  • Your Lawn needs 3-4 cm (1-1½”) of water weekly
  • Early morning is best time to water
  • Mow at 7½-9 cm (3-3½”) with sharp blade
  • Monitor your lawn for changes in appearance
  • Call us for information or with your questions


  • Your lawn is a living, oxygen producing system
  • It is affected by wind, rain, heat, drought and humidity as well as soil conditions and grass type.
  • Conditions will vary throughout the season

Weed Man…

  • Applies only the finest available products as needed at the right time
  • Provides ongoing advice about cultural practices, seed selection, disease and pest identification
  • Keeps you informed about the latest cutting edge products and technologies available for lawn care.
  • Answers your specific questions on the phone or on your lawn.

The real results** with Weed Man services:

Early Spring
Early Spring
**These results were achieved using a complete and intensive program of fertilizing, weed control, aeration, over seeding and compost combined with proper mowing and watering procedures.

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