Victoria Lawn Care Services

We care about the health of your lawn and the safety of your family. Learn more about our program and add-on services and our expert application processes.

  • Moss Control
    Moss Control Service

    Our Moss Control service helps to prevent/manage moss and create an environment for your lawn to thrive in mossy conditions.

  • Mechanical Core Aeration
    Mechanical Core Aeration

    Our Mechanical Core Aeration service removes soil from your lawn to promote more efficient delivery of water, fertilizer and grass seed. This service relieves soil compaction and allows root penetration for lawn rejuvenation.

  • Soil Stabilizing Liming
    Soil Stabilizer Liming

    Our Soil Stabilizing Liming service uses granulated lime to help reduce soil acidity. This service results in more fertile soil to promote optimum growth in your lawn.

  • Fertilizer Service
    Fertilizer Service

    Our Granular Fertilizer service uses slow release technology which ensures your lawn is supplied with essential nutrients that help promote optimum growth. 


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